Scrapabill Refund Policy

Welcome to Scrapabill Refund Policy

Please read this Refund Policy carefully to understand when you will be eligible for a refund, and how you can initiate a refund on Scrapabill. Bill supporters are contributing cash support to a bill owner, and not to Scrapabill. However, Scrapabill may be able to refund your support amount before the support amount is disbursed to the bill owner.


1. Can I get my money back?

(a) Only users whose accounts have been verified are eligible for refunds.

(b) When you deposit money to your Scrapabill wallet, you may raise a request for a refund within seven (7) days from the date of depositing the money as long as the money has not been used to support a bill. Any refund or return requests made after the 7th day shall be rejected.

(c) Once the money from your wallet is used to support a bill, the same cannot be refunded.

(d) For all refunds, Scrapabill will be eligible to deduct a service fee, including but not limited to processing fees, payout fees or any currency fluctuation. Such fees shall be dependent on each case of refund.

(e) In the event that your money has been used to support a bill and Scrapabill has disbursed funds to the bill owner, it may not be possible to refund your money.

(f) Scrapabill is not responsible for refunds outside of our Refund Policy.

(g) As a user you may request a refund of your entire cash balance in the Scrapabill account if you are not satisfied with the bill scrapping process. However, you are eligible for this refund only if the amount has not been used to support a bill and only within a period of seven (7) days on and from the date of depositing the money in the account. If the entire cash balance is refunded, your account on Scrapabill shall be deactivated.

(h) A zero cash balance is deemed to mean that your account is to be deactivated.

(i) Scrapabill reserves the right to terminate user accounts and remove the bills of such users for any abuse of this Refund Policy. In the event that Scrapabill has found that a bill or user violates its Terms of Use or Community Guidelines, Scrapabill may at any time take action Scrapabill deems appropriate, in its sole discretion, including but not limited to, issuing refunds to bill supporters from the funds collected for the relevant user’s bill.

(j) If Scrapabill offers any services through its website, refunds shall not be granted after the services have commenced. Prior to the services commencing, a user can initiate request for full refund.

(k) If Scrapabill offers any products through its website, no user shall be eligible for a refund once the product has been shipped by Scrapabill. If you raise a request for a refund once the product has been shipped, and if Scrapabill accepts such a request, then, the product shall be returned in the same condition without any harm to Scrapabill. All shipping costs shall be borne by the user.


2. How do I request for a refund?

You can request for a refund directly from your Scrapabill account. Contact us with details of how payment was made. Explain why you are requesting for a refund, if there are any issue with the service or product. Send a message to admin through our contact us form via email with the title/subject "User Refund."


3. How long will it take to receive my refund?

Refunds from Scrapabill are returned to the payment method used to make the original purchase. Refunds take different amounts of time depending on how the initial payment was made. If your refund is taking longer than expected, check your refund status by contacting us.


4. Contact us

If you have any questions on this Refund Policy, you can reach out to us on the details below or chat with admin: Our contact details are as follows: Email: info @ | Phone: +1.604.256.9333 or +1.877.877.7110