Get Cash Support Online to Pay Bills

Scrapabill is an online social platform where people meet, interact, and tell financial stories to get cash support for bills and debts.

Why Scrapabill?

Get community support when in financial need. Use Scrapabill to pay off your bills and debts quickly. Want more practical reasons to join Scrapabill?


Bills Never End

Over 1 billion invoices are issued daily worldwide. Paying bills is a part of life.


Grow Your Network

Anyone living around you or abroad can willingly and faithfully join your bill support network.


Enjoy Your Life

Scrap your bills regularly and enjoy life with the extra savings.


Overcome Debt Overload

Overcome stress, fear, depression, or anxiety from cycles of bills and debt overload.

How It Works

Enter bills one at a time. When friends follow you, the support amount gets added to your bill until your active bill scraps. Take five easy steps to Scrapabill.

Follow Bill

Follow an active bill on the platform.

Enter Bill

Enter bill details with your top-up.

Get Support

Interact with friends to get more support.

Withdraw Funds

Make withdrawal after your bill scraps.

Pay Bill

Pay your bills to avoid penalties.


With safety and security in mind, Scrapabill presents modern features.

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    Instant Alert

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    Check Balance

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    Meet Friends

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    Support E-wallet

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    ID Verification

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    GDPR Compliance

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    Manage Profile

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    Track Transactions


Download the Scrapabill App

Make it convenient to scrap household bills and living expenses while you are on the go. Shopping and entertainment are more exciting when you don't have to worry about the cash. You can post bills, comment, like, interact, and share private photos with family and friends.

Scrapabill For Business

Get support to move ahead with your business ideas, start-up, expansion, and growth.