Frequently Asked Questions

    Bill Scrapping

    How do I scrap a bill?
    Are there specific things I need to know before scrapping a bill?
    Are there limits to the number of bills I can scrap?
    Why can't I enter a bill? I get a message that I have an active bill running?
    Why can't I follow more than one bill?
    What happens after my bill scrap?
    When I invite friends to follow my bill, do they have to scrap a bill?
    Can I follow my own bill?
    What's pending bills?
    Why is my bill canceled?
    Can I post more than one bill?
    Can I delete a bill while I am scrapping it?
    What is the difference between a Bill Supporter and a Bill Follower?
    I tried to enter a bill, but it won't let me there's an alert. What could be the issue?
    Can I delete a bill that hasn't been scrapped and replace it with a new one?
    Are there limits to my bill followers?