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By Scrapabill Team

22 July 2021

Why Do People Find It Difficult to Pay Their Bills?


People across income levels struggle to pay their bills on time. In many cases, it leads to a financial crisis for households. A lack of financial support is one of the key reasons behind such struggles


Economic recessions and joblessness are two prime causes why people can’t afford to pay their bills. However, many people find it hard to pay their bills even if they make a good income. It is pertinent to note that households with all income levels struggle with their bills. For many, it is caused by a lack of financial management skills. However, for most households, the lack of financial resources remains the key hurdle.


Why Do People Find It Difficult to Pay Their Bills?


Let us dig deeper to reveal what are the actual causes that hinder people from paying bills on time. Economic recessions, falling income, and joblessness are broader reasons that affect everyone.


Low Earnings


Many people do not earn good enough to make a comfortable living. They live from paycheck to paycheck. Thus, making it difficult to pay bills as they always find it hard to manage their finances due to low earnings.


Not Living Within the Means


Unsurprisingly, even if many people come with low earnings, they spend more than they earn. Thus, people not living within the means would always find themselves chasing bills and credit card payables.


Using High-Interest Credit Cards


When people come short of money, they turn to credit cards. Unfortunately, credit cards come with high-interest rates. The credit card bills keep up piling that keep you tied in the vicious circle of unending debt.


Not Saving for an Emergency Fund


Emergencies occur at unwanted times and to everyone. Many people do not prepare themselves well and never set aside an emergency fund. As a result, once they go short with money due to an emergency, they find themselves behind on due dates of bills.


Lack of Community Financial Services


It is hard to find community-based financial services that can help you pay bills regularly. You can find one-time support from many organizations but not regularly for paying bills. (Well, not anymore with Scrapabill).


How to Manage your Bills?


Like many others, we can teach you tons of personal finance tools. But let’s spare you from the financial jargon for now. Personal finance tools require building life-long habits. We encourage everyone to develop such skills.


Scrapabill is another way to help you pay the bills that you otherwise can’t. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, you get recurring support when you support others. Learn more about our services Here.


Managing your Bills with Scrapabill – How it is a Revolutionary Idea for many People?


What if you have a bill payment due date coming up? Even worse, you’ve already consumed the credit card limit? You'll surely let the due date lapse and pay it with a penalty later. Scrapabill was launched with the idea of helping people with paying their bills. It's a platform where you can support others, get support, and build a network of your followers and bill supporters. Here are a few basics to get things going with Scrapabill.


Support Others and Get Supported


Scrapabill is an online community where you support others to pay bills and get supported in turn. We have created a platform where people can share their bills and support each other. You can support a bill by funding with as low as $20 and help the applicant until it gets scrapped.


Growing your Network on Scrapabill


Spread the word to support more people. Bring more people from your friends and family circle to join our revolutionary platform. Growing a network at scrapabill will eventually benefit you and everyone around you. 


Get Free Money to pay bills with Scrapabill


As you support others with as low as $20, you can post a request to get financial support by entering your bills one after the other. You'll get support from your fellows in the network and everyone else on Scrapabill. You can keep your bill posted until it is fully financed and scrapped.


Final Thoughts


Financial hardships and low earnings are key hurdles that keep people from paying their bills. Finding alternative financial sources has become easier with Scrapabill. You can support others and get supported with your bills easily through an outstanding digital community of givers.


What are you waiting for? To register and create your account at Scrapabill, click Here. 

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