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By Scrapabill Team

19 July 2021

Why Is It Good to Discuss Financial Problems?


For many people, discussing money issues with family and friends could be intimidating and uncomfortable. This is due to the risk of being wrongly judged or scrutinized. Furthermore, these individuals keep their financial situation hidden and refuse to share their monetary problems in an attempt to feel secure and away from blame.


A recent study at a psychiatric institution in the States showed that people retract from talking about money because of the lack of trust towards their community and the misbelief that not having enough money is associated with the lack of power.


Women Who Money wrote a blog post lately discussing this topic and concluded that opening conversations about money problems, relieves stress and brings us closer to finding solutions.


So Why Do We Avoid Talking About Money Problems?


Money is more than just a bill or a document of ownership. It is the piling personal beliefs, values, and goals that people contrast against their existence. From early childhood, humans grasp the importance of money and create a sense of vulnerability towards it.


On the other hand, shame and guilt are experienced when a person fails to possess the financial means to get what they want or buy the things they love. I am a bad person or I did something wrong, that is why I lack money! These are the moral comprehensions of people in need, as Brene Brown puts it.


The fear that our financial problems might badly affect our relationships, is another aspect that catches our attention. Our family and friends could become adverse and prefer to distance themselves from us.


Another factor is the stress from being seen as unsuccessful. A common belief in our culture. People who make money are recognized as achievers and capable individuals.


These misconceptions and emotional distractions are the elementary reasons why we refuse to discuss financial troubles.


How Does It Help To Discuss Our Money Problems?


Firstly, discussing your financial issues shows your partner that you care about them and that you are willing and trying to solve your problem through discussion and honest conversations. Otherwise, and if they find out on their own, they will feel cheated and deceived.


Next, people sense that you are under stress and they might get confused or misinterpret your behavior with someone aggressive or hateful.


It should also be clear to you that you are not alone. People from all walks of life face these types of problems and they could be a great source of inspiration and guidance for your good sake.


Again, sharing your money problems relieves stress and can be the key to getting support from caring individuals. The more you talk about your problem, the less emotional it gets.


You should also recognize that money does not reduce or define you. People are not only what they own or possess. They are the conglomerate of emotions, thoughts, and personalities. This is the value and importance of being a human being.


In a conclusion, get help by sharing your situation and help others by showing them how you overcame your obstacles and solved your financial problem. Also read and learn how and with whom to discuss or get guidance. Plus, signup for Scrapabill and share your story. You will be surprised how similar-minded people are supporting and sharing valuable information about your condition. Be confident and learn something new each day!   


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